Project Management

Your layout and planting plans are the blueprints for your design. They will then go on to form part of the building specifications for the contractor. Plans specify everything from type and size of stone used and building dimensions to what screws to use and what plants to put where. After this point, comprehensive building specification drawings and documents will be drawn up. We will tender the project to landscape contractors and help you decide on the most appropriate contractor for your project.

We will then discuss and set a time frame for your work to commence and once underway. One of our representatives will attend site on a regular basis to ensure that every detail is correct and the works are kept on schedule.

Gardens can be a large investment and can be an upheaval so you need someone to guide you through. We act as a go between for the client and contractor so there is one point of contact. We listen to our clients, manage their expectations and will be a familiar face you can trust.