We specialise in sophisticated and elegant planting. From window boxes to woodland, whatever your needs, our horticultural expertise will ensure that our planting gets the best out of your garden.

Whether you just want more seasonal colour in specific areas, need a complete border change, have a shrub that just isn’t performing or have a finished garden you have no idea how to plant, we can give you a planting plan to maximise your garden’s interest. We can source and plant them for you or simply give you the plan to work on at your leisure.

Planting plans can be done for any size or shape of border. Planting plans are a drawing and list of the names and numbers of all plants to be used in the garden and where to put them. We can plan countless combinations suitable for your soil type, available light or nutrient/moisture levels.  Cool, hot or combination colour schemes can be designed to create dramatic or simple borders, while textural and evergreen planting will provide all year round interest to keep the garden looking fuller, even in the Autumn/Winter.

If you have opted to go for Planting Plans the contractor can install any plants during the build or we can set the plants out after the hard landscaping has finished.

We continue to monitor our gardens after planting and make seasonal site visits to ensure the garden is performing. Feedback will then be given and we will liaise with you regarding any suggested amendments or additional plants.