The first step to ensure you have the garden you always wanted is to use a garden designer with the skills and knowledge that only training and experience can deliver.

After we visit your home and finalise your requirements, subject to your agreement, a detailed survey and site analysis will be done as an accurate scaled plan of your garden is key to your design. You can either have the survey done yourself (maybe you have a survey from the house construction) or we can arrange one for you.

Once we have a survey we can start working on your design. We will provide a concept plan to show you what we think your garden should look like. We will then address any extra ideas you have or changes you wish to make before we proceed with final layout plans. These are a final design with detailed technical information on how to build it. You may not want to start your garden straight away, would rather put it into practice yourself or have someone you know construct it for you. Layout plans will allow any reputable contractor to construct your garden from one of our designs.

If at any point you need further assistance or advice when putting these into practice, we are always here to lend a hand.